Abridge Capital International Ltd (ACI)

Abridge Capital International Ltd is a corporate finance advisory firm aimed to provide bespoke financial advice to both Chinese and UK companies. We are advising Chinese clients on Initial Public Offerings (IPO), Merger & Acquisitions, and Private Placing, in particular in the UK. We also advise on UK companies which seeking investment from, or selling their business to, the Chinese investors.

Abridge is based in the heart of the City in the UK and has an active operation in China. Through our highly-experienced professionals and business partners, we have developed some strong expertise in providing advice on fundraising, legal restructuring, financials and accounting, investment thesis, and corporate governance. We have an extensive network of professional advisers, and work with leading investment banks, fund managers and brokers, law firms and accountants in both UK and China.

Since its inception in 2006, Abridge Capital has grown into a fully-fledged financial advisory firm with an excellent track record of advising Chinese clients on their proposed London listing, cross-border M&As. Over the last decade, we have accumulated a rich investor base, both in China and in the UK. Our vision is to become the firm of choice to work with for Chinese companies to invest and to do business in the UK; And for UK companies in seeking Chinese investment.
With our enthusiasm and professionalism, we hope to share the dreams and ambitions of our clients and assist them to achieve their goals via the London capital market.
Please contact us at: CapitalMarket@abridgecapital.com for a confidential discussion about your requirements

Abridge China Partners Ltd (ACP)

ACP gives innovative, practical advice on creating and developing commodity markets, from strategy development to implementation and beyond. ACP consultants have previously worked for local and national governments, regulators, development banks, exchanges, clearing houses, depositories and others.
ACP has experience in all aspects of setting up and running efficient capital and commodity markets: the ‘front-office’ (trading systems and product and business development), internal operation (organisation, management processes, operational efficiency, IT, customer service and risk management), rules and regulation (regulatory requirements, governance, listing, trading, surveillance and enforcement) and the ‘back office’ (clearing and settlement).

Abridge China Partners Team

Dr. Alei Duan

Dr. Alei Duan, a Chinese national and Chairman of ACP, is an entrepreneur with over 15 years’ experience in Investment banking front office advisory and financial risk management, focusing on cross-border transactions between China and Europe. He has been responsible for initiating, planning and effecting international transactions for Governments and corporations.

Rory O’Brien

A very experienced international consultant with particular expertise in leading complex, technical and commercial projects for exchanges and clearing houses around the world.  Combines a technical background in software development in the Capital Markets with detailed experience in trading and clearing. Has presented to the WEF and other international trade associations on trading and clearing.

Gary Lyons

A senior operations specialist, with over 25 years extensive experience in the global commodity markets, with specific emphasis on clearing and settlement services.  This includes product and market development, operational management, client on-boarding and relationship management. Most recently, implementing  regulatory changes and business integration projects, within a large global investment bank.

David Ford

David is an expert on all aspects of commodities and derivative products with a particular focus on energy. He has over 27 years experience of the markets having previously worked with the London Stock Exchange, the Intercontinental Exchange, the International Petroleum Exchange, LCH.Clearnet, NYSELiffe, NYMEX and ASX.


Abridge International

At Abridge International we bring your band and help export your products or services to China – one of the largest markets in the world. You will significantly increase your sales and profits.
Our advantage is our knowledge and resources in China. We help develop and integrate your brand to China, supported by our strong alliance with local partners.

Our approach has detailed strategies with local consumer insight and understanding of the business of branding in the Chinese market.
For establishing new brand in China as well as existing international brand import, please contact us at: china@abridgecapital.com